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Place the sectional wallpaper around the cabinets

The photo above shows a modern approach to using wallpaper in the kitchen. Old cooking styles were generally dominated by wallpapers depicting fruit or other culinary motifs or floral prints. This modern take has gone for an expansive tree pattern…. Continue Reading →

Accent behind a seating area

Another idea for sectional wallpaper is to place it behind a sitting area, as pictured above. By simply using wallpaper in a corner like this, you can create the desired mood type for the seating area. In this case, the… Continue Reading →

Use sectional wallpaper behind the headboard

The sectional wallpaper also fits well in the room space. This goes particularly well behind a headboard. As the foot of the bed tends to face the door, you usually enter a room by looking at the wall behind the… Continue Reading →

Accent in the bathroom

You can see on the picture above how much a wallpaper cut can be charming when used in a bathroom. If you opt for more natural textures, as in the photo above, neutral color wallpaper can be an attractive option…. Continue Reading →

Heavy appliances

In addition to stainless steel, Steiner-Houck said that industrial kitchens would also be equipped with commercial or professional appliances. “They are designed to work at a higher level, be extremely functional and incorporate very durable finishes and surfaces, much like… Continue Reading →

Daich Countertop Finishing Kit

You will need a paintbrush or a paint roller to use Daich products, but make no mistake. “The SpreadStone Mineral Select Countertop Kit is not paint. But it’s applied with a roller or paintbrush for an easy, paint-like experience, “says… Continue Reading →


“A console is an attractive and practical bathroom solution with a towel rail,” says Moore. “He has a feeling of light and openness.” And that can help a small room feel bigger. In the photo above, the console legs are… Continue Reading →

Ship sinks

Ship sinks are not as common as other types of sinks. However, these over-the-counter sinks are available in styles such as square frame, round body, round or rectangular outline. “Unique materials such as stone, glass, porcelain and copper give these… Continue Reading →

Wall sinks

“Many people choose a wall-mounted sink because of its clean appearance,” says Tuttleman. She adds that they offer a clutter-free look, both modern and functional. “When you put something on the wall, it looks more like a sculpture, because the… Continue Reading →

Sinks to ask

Tuttleman says the sinks to ask are easy to install. It’s thanks to their lip or lip that rests on the surface of the counter. “They are often the choice of DIY owners because they can be simply lowered into… Continue Reading →

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