You will need a paintbrush or a paint roller to use Daich products, but make no mistake. “The SpreadStone Mineral Select Countertop Kit is not paint. But it’s applied with a roller or paintbrush for an easy, paint-like experience, “says Peter Daich, president of Daich Coatings in Hamilton, Ontario. “It’s actually a mixed stone resurfacing material that can easily be rolled over kitchen counters, vanities, bar counters, tables, etc.” Daich explains that this allows consumers to add the decorative elegance of a home renovation while paying only a fraction of the cost.

He says the Daich Countertop Finishing Kit contains everything you need, including tools, coatings and accessories. Each kit covers 30 to 40 square feet.

You can use the finishing kit on laminate, wood, concrete, stone and other solid surfaces. Daich says it is a water-based, odor-free natural stone material that dries quickly, resists stains and damage from hot stoves and daily use.

The kit is available in 10 popular counter colors: Oyster, Natural White, Onyx Fog, Canyon Gold, Volcanic Black, Mantle Stone, Lodestar, Sundance, Ironstone and Yosemite.