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Undercounter sink

According to the National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA), under counter sinks are the most popular facilities. “A built-in sink is attached to the countertop or above the vanity from below the surface,” says Tuttleman. “There is no ledge in… Continue Reading →

Overlay frames

Another interesting idea for empty frames is to superimpose them to each other. You can see how the concept works in the photo above. This creates a geometric effect that really catches the eye. This idea would go well on… Continue Reading →

Be creative with color

You can also work with colors by painting your frames yourself. And you do not always need a total contrast. Gold and silver paint on some empty images can give a consistent and attractive metallic pattern, which you can see… Continue Reading →

Use empty frames in the bedroom

This style works in all rooms. In the photo above, you can see how the style works when placed over a bed. Frames can easily be hung just above the bed, making use of another key area of the room…. Continue Reading →

Opt for a large empty frame design

Another idea is to find some larger frames and place them on the wall. You can see how the style works in the photo above. Again, you will want to focus on the contrast. Bright orange and blue have a… Continue Reading →

Make an empty staircase frame display

A good place to hang an empty frame collage is the wall along a staircase. You can find all the old frames that match this idea, then delete the photos and windows that are there. You can see on the… Continue Reading →

Create an empty frame coat collage

The mantels are already used as focal points in many rooms. A good way to capitalize on this focal space is to add a fun collage of empty frames. You can see on the picture above how easy it is… Continue Reading →

Go minimalist with furniture

Whether you already have a small open space or you are designing / looking for one, the furniture will be a major feature of this space. If you work with a smaller space, you will not have as much room… Continue Reading →

How to design a small space open floor plan

Usually, when you see a picture of an open floor plan, it’s this spacious, modern design. The kitchen is in the distance, large windows provide plenty of natural light and there may even be room for several seating areas. But… Continue Reading →

Do you need to repair or replace the HVAC unit in your home?

Your HVAC system is one of those unsung heroes at home. When it works well, you hardly notice it. When it starts to weaken, it becomes a big problem. Your HVAC system is responsible for keeping your home comfortable no… Continue Reading →

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