“Many people choose a wall-mounted sink because of its clean appearance,” says Tuttleman. She adds that they offer a clutter-free look, both modern and functional. “When you put something on the wall, it looks more like a sculpture, because the tile around it, the color and the shape are all part of the composition.”

As a result, it warns you that you must keep your grout lines perfectly aligned with the faucet so that everything stays centered. “I recommend working with your plumber and designer to position the faucet about 20 to 20 cm above the sink and far enough in the sink to wash your hands without splashing,” says Tuttleman.

Davis notes that wall sinks are very popular in commercial areas because they can be placed at any height you choose, making them easily ADA compatible. “They are also very space efficient in a small bathroom,” she adds. This allows you to free space for storage or other needs.